Gabriel Asoka (飛龍), is an American artist and filmmaker who has been creating energetic, colorful, and thought-provoking artworks for more than three decades now. He creates a small amount of paintings per year, plus commissioned works as well as making short and feature films. Asoka has also worked on more then 20 film projects in Hollywood, including Mars Attacks, Million Dollar Baby and Beautiful Daydreams. In recent years, Asoka has changed his entire production method, process and philosophy. Stating; I’ve reached a level of calm in art creation, my process is slower, using only oil paint as my primary medium,  and being more sustainable. My process takes time, and I believe in allowing it to unfold naturally. Over the years, his art has been collected by private collectors from around the world. 



MIT • Just Banking – Certificate
Columbia College • Interdisciplinary Arts – MA
University of Maryland • Digital Imaging & Digital Arts – BFA

University of London/NYU (Summer Program)• Film
Peabody Preparatory • Music Theory
St. Johns College (Youth Summer Program) • Philosophy

Solo Exhibits:

2021 Myth of Pear, Mazetografica Online Gallery, NY

2021 Mind Collages, Mazetografica Online Gallery, NY

2020 Variations, Mazetografica Online Gallery, NY

2017 December Artist Open Studio, NY

2006 Light, The Don O’Melveny Gallery, LA

2003 Implicit, The Don O’Melveny Gallery, LA

2002 Snow, The Don O’Melveny Gallery, LA


Group Exhibits:

2018 Flatbush Artists Open Studio, NY

2018 New Yorker’s Show, Clouds Art Space, Tokyo, Japan

2017 Flatbush Artists Open Studio, NY

2016 Flatbush Artists Open Studio, NY

2015 Saturday Series, M3 Pop-Up Gallery, Paris, France

2003 Hollywood, The Don O’Melveny Gallery, LA

2002 Group Show, Open Studio, LA

2002 Launch Pad, The Don O’Melveny Gallery, LA


Public Art Installations:

2014-2015 Love, Meaning, Sanctuary Art Installation, NY, NY

2014 Happiness Here Installation, Paris, France

2013 Happiness Here Installation, Chicago, IL

2012-2015 Happiness Here Art Installation, NY, NY


Cinema Producer/Director: 

2022-2023 Untitled Asoka Project (In-production)

2020 Vignettes (post-production)

2007 Beautiful Daydreams

2005 Prelude (short film)

2003 Popcorn Girls 

2003 Resist (short film)

2003 Butterfly Poem (short film)

2003 B-Girls (short film)

2003 Brush (short film)

1998 Sunlight (short film)

1991 The Rest (short film)

1990 Abstracted (short film)

1986 Indian Pipe (short film)

1983 The Dark (short film)

1981 The Woods (short film)

1980 Battle of The Century (short film)


Cinema Collaboration:

2008 Get Smart

2007 Live Free or Die Hard

2007 Beautiful Daydreams

2006 Flags of Our Fathers

2005 Million Dollar Baby

2003 Confidence

1998 Species II

1996 Mars Attacks

1995 Boys

1994 Tony Kay’s Docu.

1993 Major League 2

1992 Guarding Tess

1992 Undefeatable

1992 Meteor Man

1992 Sleepless in Seattle

1990 Cry Baby


Television Collaborations: 

2009 Monk

2005 Explore (Pilot)

2004 NOW


Theatre Collaborations: 

2003 Stella Adler Actors Showcase Director

1991 City of Life

1989 Time To Die

1989 Yerma

1989 Hamlet


Music Recordings:

2006 Little Boy Blue (album)

1996 Selections (album)

1993 Time Portals (album)

1991 If I Seem (album)

1989 In December (album)

1986 Life Live (album)

1985 In My Hands (Album)


Artist Collaborations:

2015-2016 Art QA Magazine – Autumn & Winter Issues – Co-Editor, NYC

2014 Happiness Here Paris, Brandelet-Devineau/Somewhere & The Mazeking, Paris

2013 Street Poems, Marie Howe & The Mazeking, NYC

2003 Stella Adler Acting Studio, Showcase Director, LA

2002 Walt Disney-Burton Artist License Collaboration, LA, CA



2018 Surgeons of Hope Benefit Art Auction, NY, NY

2001 Bonham & Butterfield , LA, CA

2000 LA Shanti Gala Auction, LA, CA.



2012 IMAC Artist Creative Award

1986 United States Achievement Academy – US History

1986 United States Achievement Academy – World History