The Mazeking is an American artist who has lived and worked in New York City since 2012, prior to that he studied, lived and worked in Los Angeles, Chicago and London. He was born and raised in Maryland in 1968. He is known for creating colorful, insightful, and provocative artworks. He started making art as a young child and has continued throughout his life. In 1998 he officially declared his career path as a fine artist and went on to create a series of oil and acrylic paintings on canvas and paper. He had his first solo exhibition in 2002 in Los Angeles. He is Inspired by everything from, dreams, daily life, to images that he finds intriguing. He places no labels or categories upon his work. He does not create art in classifications or categories, such as abstract or representational, stating “Everything is abstract in a way and representational in another way, just as a painting can convey the same thing as a photograph or cinema. it’s all perception”. He utilizes any medium, form, or style to convey a mood or meaning through his artworks. His primary interest is imagery itself, “My main curiosity has always been visual imagery, shapes, colors and light. I’ve always loved images, and the various ideas and feelings that come from them”. Over the years, his art has been collected by private collectors from around the world as well as being included in many exhibitions. He currently lives and works in New York City. 



Columbia College • Masters of Art

Yale University (Summer Program) •Art

University of Maryland • Bachelors of Art

University of London (NYU Exchange Program) • Cinema

Peabody Preparatory of Music • Theory & Composition

St. Johns College • Philosophy

CCB • Science