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American artist The Mazeking 飛龍 (Gabriel Asoka) is known for creating colorful, bold, and provocative artworks. He officially began making art in 1998 and started painting, creating various works, ranging from oil on canvas to acrylic on paper. Asoka produces most artworks within a series, sometimes spending months, even years completing a single work or series. He has even destroyed artworks via an artistic burning-ritual which he has stated “is part of the process of creating and re-creating works”. In 2002, Asoka had his first solo exhibition in Los Angeles at the O’Melveny Gallery. His love of life, and passion for color and exploration springs forth in his works of art. All of his artworks are about Beauty, Balance (duality), and Energy; what Asoka calls the “three keys”. When asked about his subject matter “I make art about subjects and things that entice and fascinates and me, thats all”, “I’m interested in things that bring me happiness and I wish to share that happiness with others”. Inspired by everything from daily encounters to dreams and history. He explores various themes, including consciousness, sexuality, and the mystical or esoteric, offering us a richer and more engaging perspective. As seen in his “Consciousness” paintings, which explores concepts of balance and duality. Creating a sense of what Asoka calls the “double-bind”, which is a term he gained from his study of Zen as a teenager. Asoka utilizes colors, contrast and forms as symbols. They symbolically represent elements & aspects of nature and states of mind. Asoka places no labels or categories upon his work. He does not see art in classifications or categories, such as abstract or representational, stating “they are all abstract in a way and representational in another way”, “All art is one thing, a way to express, convey, and communicate ideas”. His work can be seen in private collections around the world. The Mazeking currently lives and works in New York City. 



2018 Flatbush Artists Open Studio, NYC

2018 New Yorker’s Show, Clouds Art Space, Tokyo, Japan

2017 Flatbush Artists Open Studio, NYC

2016 December Group Show, Zizzi Gallery, Portugal

2016 Autumn Group Show, Zizzi Gallery, Portugal

2015 Exposure-SeeMe Group Show, Louvre Museum, Paris, France

2013 Room of Things, Open Studio 2D, NYC

2012 Time Sq. Exhibit, SeeMe, NYC

2008 New Beijing Int’l Festival, China

2007 Big Gig International Festival, UK

2003 Hollywood, O’Melveny Gallery, LA

2002 Group Show, O’Melveny Gallery, LA

2002 Launch Pad, O’Melveny Gallery, LA

2001 Spring Group, O’Melveny Gallery, LA

1998 Review, UM, MD


2017 December Open Studio, NYC

2016 Consciousness, Zizzi Gallery, Portugal

2006 Impulse Resist, O’Melveny Gallery, LA

2003 Implicit, Buddha Lounge Gallery, LA

2002 Snow, O’Melveny Gallery, LA

Public Art Installations:

2017 Happiness Here Installations, NY, NY

2015 Love, Meaning, Sanctuary Installations, NY, NY

2015 Happiness Here Installations, NY, NY

2014 Happiness Here Installations, Paris, France

2014 Love, Meaning, Sanctuary Installations, NY, NY

2014 Happiness Here Installations, NY, NY

2013 Happiness Here Installations, NY, NY

2013 Happiness Here Installations, Chicago, IL

2012 Happiness Here Installations, NY, NY


2018 NYC Fashion Film Director, Chavin Couture & The Mazeking, China

2015-2016 Art QA Magazine – Autumn & Winter Issues – Guest Editor, NYC

2014 Happiness Here Paris, Brandelet-Devineau/Somewhere & The Mazeking, Paris

2013 Street Poems, Marie Howe & The Mazeking, NYC


Columbia College – Masters of Art
University of Maryland – Bachelors of Art
Peabody Preparatory of Music – Theory & Composition