France • Somewhere France & Gabriel Asoka - The Mazeking Collaborate

In 2014, Gabriel Asoka (The Mazeking) took Happiness Here global and part of that was his collaboration with the French fashion company, Somewhere France via French firm Brandelet-Devineau. After a few weeks of preparation the artist headed off to Paris and placed the first of many Happiness Here street artworks, in Paris. The collaboration included print, poster and video elements, as well as a series of signature organic cotton tee shirts donning “Happiness Here” upon there front, which were sold throughout France in all Somewhere stores. The auspicious work also appeared in over 10 magazines, including Elle, Madame Figaro, L’Officiel, and Glamour.

China's Chavin Couture & Gabriel Asoka Collaborate

Couture Fashion Film Collaboration: The artist The Mazeking (Gabriel Asoka) & Chinese couture fashion house Chavin collaborated to make this short fashion film in 2018. The film was directed and shot by The Mazeking on location in New York City.

NY Poet Marie Howe & The Mazeking Collaborate

“Street Poems” is the creative collaboration between Poet Laureate Marie Howe and Artist Gabriel Asoka. The two artists went about placing lines of poetry in public spaces throughout New York City, from October to December of 2013. The poetic lines were placed in various spots such as, sidewalks, cross walks, or simply in the street. Which brought the public into direct engagement with both the visual and literary elements of the project.

NYC to Paris • Happiness Here Street Art Project

“Happiness Here” is an interactive street art project started by the artist Gabriel Asoka (The Mazeking) in 2012. Since, millions of people around the world have come in contact with the temporal art. In 2013 and 2014 the artist took “Happiness Here” global, placing installations in Los Angeles, Jersey City, Baltimore, Chicago and Paris, France. Peoples interactions are as varied as the work’s appearance, doing everything from standing in the work, to taking photographs, reading, dancing or even laying in the space.To date over 198 Happiness Here installations have been placed throughout the world, 180 in New York City alone, creating a maze through the city. In recent months the artwork has been featured by several news media including, Oprah, The Huffington Post, American Public Media and NPR among others. Asoka’s interest in creating something both interactive and thought provoking often creates a conversation in the viewer about the very idea and state of happiness. In creating these temporal works he is transforming the public space, turning it into a social-space where anyone can partake. His inquiry offers us a moment to explore our very perception and expectation of social interaction and art’s role in daily life.


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