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Flatbush, Brooklyn Artist Open Studio Tour 2018 Come see my artwork and over 40 other artists at this year’s Flatbush Open Studio Tour. See the art, meet the artists and even have a chat. Saturd…
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That’s right, 20 years of art making. Starting this October 2018, 20 select artworks will be offered at special anniversary prices. One work for each year of my process. This is a one time event…
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Artist Interview

ART QA Magazine – Live Extended Interview Q: Where are you going next with your art? A: Forward. I’ll know it once I’m there. Q: What is your work about, is there a particular meanin…
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Painting – Opus Series

I did the first Opus painting in 2001. I was thinking of the energy, colors and shapes of the city, any city, but New York was on my mind. I was capturing a mood or moment. These paintings are about t…
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Cinema! Cinema?

I like cinema because I like images. However, I must say that I have no interest in plot or story, that studio formula of three acts, where everything is explained to the viewer. Cinema could be an ar…
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Abstraction? Art

I’m not really concerned about abstraction. I’m interested in exploring ways to convey impulse, insight and energy. That’s really what I’m doing with these paintings and many o…
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Black & White Photography

Black & white is great. I’ve always loved black and white. It’s naturally abstract and at times surreal. That’s part of my love affair with black and white photograhy. The other …
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Paris Me? WoW

I love Paris. When I first went to Paris, it was for an art collaboration, which turned out well. That trip allowed me a great deal of time to roam around the city. Which I did from day one, eating, d…
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Foto Re-Takes

I’ve always looked at images in magazines, books or wherever and thought wow that’s interesting. In most cases only a particular part of an image peeks my interest. For years I looked at images an…
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Why Photography as Art Medium?

Photography, it’s just another way of making an image and art. It’s the play of light, just as in painting. I like beauty and my work is about beauty, about thinking; connecting to what m…
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